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Darth Saison

An exceptionally dark farmhouse ale that balances a subtle sweetness and Belgian yeast characteristics with stonefruit and caramel flavors from toasted malts.

Oatmeal Stout

A smooth and slightly sweet stout with a well-rounded mouthfeel and a prominent roasted character of dark chocolate and coffee.

Kentucky Common

A dark amber, pre-prohibition style beer with a light body and mild flavor. Easily drinkable, with subtle caramel, nutty, and raisin flavors from roasted malts.


A pale blonde, sessionable, and extremely hazy New England IPA featuring citrus and tropical fruit flavors from aggressive dry hopping.

Raspberry Cream Ale

Bright, tangy raspberry flavor features prominently against a clean and refreshing cream ale base. A slightly sweet, refreshing choice for any occasion. (contains no dairy products!)

Alpine Loop Amber

A bright, balanced amber ale featuring caramel malt flavors and a light to moderate hop profile for a slightly sweet finish.

Spock’s Brain IPA

A hop-forward, light- to medium-bodied American IPA featuring a bright hop aroma, neutral malt profile, balanced bitterness, and intense hop flavors of tropical fruit and citrus.

1 + 3/4 IPA

A bright golden American IPA with a medium body, balanced by hops with strong notes of pine and a pleasant, slightly bitter finish.