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A pale blonde, sessionable, and extremely hazy New England IPA featuring citrus and tropical fruit flavors from aggressive dry hopping.

Following the tradition of New England IPAs, we add most of the hops later in the brewing process to capture all of the delicious hop flavor without much hop bitterness. We took a smooth, oat-heavy brew and double-dry-hopped with generous portions of Citra and Simcoe hops to impart intense citrus and tropical fruity flavors with just a hint of pine. Coupled with a smooth mouthfeel and light body, the crisp hop flavor makes this beer 2021’s supreme thirst-quencher.

As for the name – not only do we think this is the greatest oat IPA we have brewed, we also collaborate with local ranchers who use our spent brewing grains (from our other beers, too) as a supplementary feedstock for goats!

5.1-5.5% ABV