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What was built in a garage with some reused kegs, a hobby, and a dream, Ryan and Tori crafted what is now SomePlace Else Brewery. Located in Arvada, Colorado, this “brewcade” is a haven for beer drinkers, pinball and skeeball enthusiasts, and dog lovers, who are looking for a fun, friendly, and easy going atmosphere with a hint of a competitive edge. When designing and building our brewing system and taproom on a shoestring budget in an already saturated market, we asked ourselves, how do we stand out from the rest? 

Our commitment to a diverse flagship craft beer selection all year round and a unique customer experience were always at the forefront of our plans. Providing a friendly, fun, and relaxing hangout spot in the neighborhood where locals could come and enjoy fresh craft beer and the company of others (and maybe a game or two of pinball or skeeball) has always been and remains our main focus and goal. Since the opening of SomePlace Else Brewery we have introduced a weekly small batch R&D program. This program allows beer enthusiasts to switch it up every week with new and innovative flavors in beer! With our pop-culture theme, bustling atmosphere, and award-winning beer we hope that every time you visit SomePlace Else Brewery, it is one to be remembered and repeated.

  • 5 bbl Brewing System
  • Four 5 bbl Fermenting tanks & 1 10 bbl Fermenting tank
  • 40 gal Pilot system
  • Counter pressure can filling system
  • Canning system
  • 400 bbl yearly production