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Meet the Owners

For Ryan Parker, Head Brewer at Someplace Else Brewery, brewing started with curiousity and a love of beer. He wanted to build a brewing system in his garage and he has never looked back. When Ryan brews, his top priorities are keeing things clean, using top quality ingredients (no extracts, no extracts, no extracts) and continually learning how to make each brew better with more effciency and attention to detail. Finally, Ryan enjoys trying new beers and keeping the taps interesting while always making sure our base beers are top quality.

Opening a brewery for Tori (Head of Brewery Operations…ie HOBO), was about wanting to start a business in the local community that would bring people together. Business operations has always intrigued Tori. As a teenager she started a full blown snack bar at the local pool just because it sounded fun. She went on to get an eduation in Business at both Cornell University and Colorado State University. Today, she is the numbers person behind the scences and the friendly face behind the bar that loves meeting all the new people who come to visit and always happy to see the regulars and she is the STAR WARS fan!